Why Digital Experience Monitoring is a Must Have

With businesses rapidly embracing digital transformation, it's not a stretch to say that digital end-user experience, whether applied to a customer or employee's web, SaaS, or internal enterprise applications, is an existential matter. As IT teams find their existing monitoring tools and performance data falling short when diagnosing user experience or business-impacting issues, Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) technologies have come to the fore. It’s no surprise then that this technology is now quickly becoming an essential capability for Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solutions. SASE is a cloud-delivered service that combines all of the networking and security capabilities an organization needs for their mobile users and remote sites.

Today Palo Alto Networks is excited to announce the launch of its Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) add-on for Prisma Access. This makes Prisma Access, together with CloudGenix SD-WAN, the industry’s first SASE solution with native DEM, providing customers with end-to-end visibility and insights. With Autonomous DEM, you gain segment-wise insights across the entire service delivery path, using real and synthetic traffic analysis that goes far beyond simply collecting performance metrics from infrastructure elements, and the ability to drive autonomous remediation of digital experience problems when they arise.

The Digital Experience Visibility Problem

While companies typically have a toolbox full of monitoring tools, they are mostly from a bygone day when front end and back end applications all lived in corporate data centers, all employees sat in branch offices working exclusively on laptops, and connections were over infrastructure owned or controlled by IT operations teams. In that highly controlled environment, formulating a monitoring strategy to understand performance was relatively easy.

But we don't live in that world anymore.

Employees sit everywhere, literally. Even before the pandemic hit, employees were connecting to business-critical applications from branch offices, homes, hotels, client sites, cafes, co-working spaces, you name it. The emerging post-COVID reality is that the hybrid workplace is here to stay, with more remote and WFH workers, spread across broader geographical areas.

Increasingly, employee-facing applications aren’t built and hosted by enterprises, but consumed via SaaS, making the hybrid cloud another complex reality. Branches and individual employees increasingly connect directly to the Internet to get better cloud performance rather than backhaul to data centers over MPLS networks. SASE converges connectivity and security architectures for this new landscape.

In this world, the number of service path dependencies required to deliver a great digital experience to a customer or employee has exploded. Many of those dependencies, like ISPs and cloud providers, lie completely out of IT's control. The resulting complexity makes it harder to ensure great user experiences even as their importance increases.

Armed with legacy tools, IT teams suffer from a plethora of monitoring blind spots along the delivery path between users and applications that bedevil efforts to understand problems and solve issues. Is performance degradation stemming from a problem with the end user’s device? WiFi? The branch office Internet connection? One of many external service providers? The Internet? The application itself?

Without direct, real-time data, too often today insights into digital experiences are gleaned by combing through help desk issues. That less-than-ideal approach is unacceptable when digital experience is core to employee engagement and productivity, or the difference between a customer placing an order or finding another supplier.

Prisma Access Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM) Add-On

Prisma Access ADEM delivers native end-to-end visibility and insights into the entire service delivery path. It provides customers with the following benefits:

SASE Native Digital Experience Monitoring

  • As the first and only SASE solution with native digital experience monitoring, Prisma Access ADEM enables organizations to understand user experience and drive automated remediation with integrated visibility from GlobalProtect clients and the Prisma Access cloud.

Segment-Wise Insights

  • Gives IT and network teams detailed performance insights into their deployed endpoint devices, Wifi, network paths, and applications

Comprehensive Visibility

  • Helps organizations solve application delivery problems fast with intelligence from endpoints, synthetics, and real user traffic analysis

Learn more about Prisma Access Autonomous DEM.